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A Beginners Guide into Academic Essay Writing


Most of the students are not familiar with all the essay types and their formats until later in their academic years. They tend to start writing academic essays with proper structure and style during the later years of high school. Some succeed in conforming to an academic form while others struggle to write the essays. The latter might eventually find themself requesting their peers: Can you help me write my essay.



Essay writing beginners do a lot of things when they write their essays:

  • They submit the essay as soon as they are done with it. Without reviewing or editing it. 
  • They tend to write their essays in a chopped up manner where the reader seems to jump from one topic to the next. Their essays barely transition between different points between the paragraphs and within it. 
  • They rush towards the writing process and invest less effort in essay prewriting.
  • They tend to write the essay without giving proper attention to the essay prompt and the essay guidelines. Some tend to write the wrong essay due to this. 
  • Some beginners tend to make the writing perfect in the first try and this, in turn, affects them in finding the rhythm and speed to their essay writing. 

Here are some tips that beginner essayists and writers should follow:

Analyze the question

The question should be not just read but dissected for its subject matter, its task word, and the limiting part. The persuasive speech topics prompt or the question will tell you what you are supposed to write from the subject matter and the limiting part, and how you are supposed to write about it through the task words.

Task words such as synthesize and justify for example will always hint towards critical writing as the academic style. 

Write for your audience

Your writing should vary in accordance with the people you are writing for. Though you will be mostly writing for your instructor. If the audience is specified then you should change your way of writing to facilitate the audience so that they can understand your essay easily. 

This can come about as adjusting the difficulty level of your arguments or the complexity of your sentence structure and ideas. 

Research and Brainstorm prior

The research for the hook examples should come out of published authors, articles, and journals. These academic sources of information should be exhausted before delving into other forms of writing. 

The brainstorming can proceed with the research part or come after it. The brainstorming sessions should use one or many types of brainstorming techniques. The most common techniques are mind-mapping, listing, and journaling, etc.

Know about the structure and style of the essay writing

It is important to know the structure of each kind of essay before you begin to write the essays. Make sure you know how to conduct your essay using the specific type of academic writing. There are different types such as descriptive, critical, analytical, etc. 

Find someone to Review your essay 

Make sure that you review your essay on your own and have it reviewed by someone else. When you make another person review the essay, they see the gaps and mistakes that you fail to catch on your own most of the time due to your familiarity with the text, no matter how much you scrutinize the text. 

Keep note of the essay feedback

The best and the fastest way for a beginner to improve upon his or her rhetorical analysis essay example is to heed the essay feedback and work on your mistakes and follow the advice given to you.


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