Events and entertainment

Visit Apulia and choose from the many events scheduled throughout the whole year for a holiday full of entertainment, shows, culture and fun.
Individual businesses (accommodation facilities, tour operators, services, etc.) can affiliate themselves with this product and with the consequent promotion if, for example, they find themselves in one of the following situations:

  • they are near to events with a particular importance for tourism;
  • they fall within a destination known for and involving cultural tourism, events or youth entertainment;
  • they offer hospitality that focuses on the importance of recreational and fun experiences;
  • they organise trips linked to entertainment, large festivals, music, art exhibitions, etc.;
  • they provide services for tourists looking for cultural experiences, shows, entertainment and recreation.

So the events and entertainment product in Apulia includes the supply of services (accommodation, agencies and accessories) available to tourists to enjoy large shows, music festivals, film festivals, opera seasons, concerts, theatre shows, music, parties, exclusive or large-scale events. To be included in the survey of events (and organisers) you must be registered on the portal (an integral part of the DMS).