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what is a firewall, what is it for and how does it work?
We are going to explain what a firewall or firewall is , solutions designed to protect your computer that can be complemented or integrated into an antivirus . They are types of protection that you are possibly already using without realizing it , but that does not mean that you should not worry and not know what they do and what they do not do.
We will start by explaining to you in a simple and understandable way what a firewall is and what exactly it is for. Then, we will explain how they work by telling you the two main types of firewalls, and we will end by reminding you that you should not delegate 100% to them or any other solution to protect your computer.
The firewall, in English, in the computer world is a security system to block unauthorized access to a computer while still allowing your computer to communicate with other authorized services. They are also used on computer networks, especially intranets or local networks. It is one of the first security measures that began to be implemented in computers after the birth of the Internet.
Its origin dates back to the end of the 80s, when the Internet took its first steps and the first hackers discovered that with this new network they could infiltrate and mischief other people's computers, which led to a series of important violations security and malware attacks .
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