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Systems Architect Job Description
The profile must be a person aware of market trends, innovation, team spirit and technical leadership.
what is a technical architect Responsibilities and duties:
Support in the definition and creation of software architecture for new systems;
Guide developers on the adopted project standards;
Technical and architectural training for team members for technical leveling of the team;
Evaluation of new architectures and technologies for future projects;
Promote improvements in the development model that increases the quality of products and agility of the teams;
Create PoC to practically validate technical solutions and architectural definitions of a system;
Experience in architectural concepts;
Be attuned to market trends, innovation, team spirit and technical leadership.
Proven knowledge in types of architecture;
Proven knowledge in scalability techniques;
Proven knowledge in DevOps CI CD;
Proven knowledge in database;
Proven knowledge and application of clean architecture;
Proven knowledge in distributed systems.
Knowledge in information security;
Knowledge in Front-end architecture;
Knowledge in agile metrics
In the DB1 Group you will have the opportunity to:
Work with amazing people who love to share knowledge;
Being in an environment of constant camaraderie, where teamwork speaks louder;
Face challenges, achieving personal and professional development;
Several Committees to participate in actions with an impact inside and outside DB1.
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