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Lead Solutions Architect
Backend, Frontend and Integration 
Solid E2E innovation curve view and the board and commitment of other important SMEs 
Involvement in complex lithe conveyance and nimble tooling – Mature CI/CD, IaC 
Involvement in test computerization structures and models – Frontend, Backend, API 
Programming interface curve and information streaming – API plan e2e, API security , complex coordination designs 
Channel structures – Digital, Web and Mobile – Responsive Web and Android and iOS local 
BFF and Micro frontends – Angular SPAs, Responsive delivering, Embedded front closures 
AEM, Analytics , CMS headless archs, Content Publishing 
Containerization and microservices engineering - Java Spring boot 
Virtualized facilitating, Cloud based facilitating, virtualization, PaaS, CaaS – On prem and cloud local application curve 
Must have K8 usage experience, points of interest around grouping and NFRs for K8 – Istio, ELK, Prometheus, Grafana, JWT token administration
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