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Goal in the wireless IPS market
Earlier, Securi entered the wireless network security business in earnest with the launch of'Blue Max WIPS' in the middle of last month. This product individually blocks unauthorized access points (APs) and terminals even in the Wi-Fi 6 environment, the latest wireless network standard.
The feature is that it can block unauthorized APs and illegal terminals without interfering with the wireless connection of authorized terminals. This is possible because the company is equipped with a patent pending'PMF applied device blocking technology'.
As the government promotes the introduction of wireless Wi-Fi routers centered on schools and local governments, it is expected that related demand will also increase.
In fact, the government recently announced plans to replace 18,000 public Wi-Fi APs with Wi-Fi 6. It also explains that security measures are necessary.
"In order to increase public Wi-Fi in each metropolitan, provincial, and metropolitan area, it is necessary to take measures to prevent hacking," he said.
In addition, related demand in hospitals and smart factories is also expected to increase.
"Hospitals where personal medical information is stored are also vulnerable to external attacks," said Lee Yo-seop, group leader.
He added, "A smart factory that connects factory facilities wirelessly also needs security measures."
It also emphasized that even companies using a wired network would need to introduce WIPS to prevent security threats.
"Even if a company or institution is not using a wireless LAN, it is necessary to introduce WIPS to protect important information." It can be a problem."
Next, he pointed out, "For example, a terminal such as a smart phone, a tablet, or a notebook PC is infected. If a user does not know this and works with the terminal, the threat of hacking the internal network increases."
Meanwhile, SECUI plans to update and release the network firewall'Bluemax NGF' during next month.
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