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Cisco Security Intelligent Operation
Sensor Base
is one of the largest Internet threat surveillance systems in the world today, receiving information about new threats. From the following sources
- Over 700,000 sensors including Cisco Firewall, IPS, Iron Port Email Security, Iron Port Web Security appliances that are always on
- Information received from the cooperating Global ISP
- More than 600 third party threat sources cooperate in exchanging information with Cisco.
2. The Cisco Threat Operation Center and the Global Threat Correlation System
are data collection centers based on the Sensor Base. There are more than 500 personnel with PhD, CCIE, CISSP, White Hat certified level knowledge spread across 5 surveillance centers throughout. World and work 24 hours a day. The combination of intelligent SIEM systems and efficient computing systems helps Cisco recognize new threats, new websites and emerging Including new forms of attack before anyone else, and once everything has been processed, it is considered an unknown threat The system will be developed as a Signature or Rule to update for Cisco equipment.
3. Dynamic Real Time Update
When Cisco Threat Operation detects new threats and develops a Pattern or Signature or Rule, these will be forwarded to provide updates to the end security devices. The Cisco real-time solution, which will benefit theCisco Firewall,has been updated with URL information, including the newCisco IPSBOTnetwith updated signature, Rule, as well as surveillance and monitoring IP addresses. Seen on IP addresses of hackers and DDOS.Cisco Iron Port Email Securityis updated in real time against newly discovered spam, new email malicious malware and IP address replication. Suspected of being a bad email emitter
Cisco Iron Port Web Security provides real-time updates to new websites, as well as ratings for their websites. As well as categorizing 65 websites. In addition, new Malware updates embedded in various websites
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