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Cisco Announces New Network Virtualization
Cyber ​​attacks do not discriminate, and SMEs face the same type of threats as large companies. Companies need to provide support for users who use their own devices, such as smartphones and tablets, during this time to connect to applications and networks.
To support our customers, we've launched free security offers: extended licensing and user overruns at no extra cost until July 1, 2020, for three of our key security technologies that are designed to protect remote workers. anywhere, anytime, on any device: Cisco Umbrella, Duo Security, and Cisco AnyConnect.
The Cisco AnyConnect solution helps those who work from home easily, quickly and securely access office resources via VPN via their own mobile devices. A VPN connection offers a higher level of security compared to other methods of remote communication, due to the fact that it uses an advanced encryption algorithm, which protects the network from unauthorized access.
In addition, we recommend using the AnyConnect client with Duo Security for multi-factor authentication and Cisco Umbrella for DNS-based protection.
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