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Check Point - The architects of security
Check Point ThreatCloud, for example, offers customers the opportunity to exchange detailed information and maps on attacks in real time, using a real visual portal full of statistics updated per second. In an age where malware is heavily exploiting so-called zero-day vulnerabilities, holes that have not yet been made public and repaired, to compromise the security of operating systems and applications, ThreatCloud becomes a very effective tool for detecting possible targets addressed by a new threat and to study possible countermoves. «This sharing function - adds Pozzi - is integrated by ThreatCloud IntelliStore, a single repository where the customer can subscribe to information feeds and value-added support, created by Check Point also in partnership with specialized external companies. For us, cloud security is also giving the possibility, always through sites and partners, to purchase services and build their own security solutions based on Check Point technologies ». As it will also specifyMassimiliano Bossi , head of the Check Point indirect channel , that of managed services provided in collaboration with qualified partners and service providers is a trend that is consolidating a lot on the Italian market.
The aspect of mobile security is also increasingly capturing the attention of users. «It's an undoubtedly fascinating world: smartphones and iPads are objects that reach huge masses of people. We use them as if they were personal computers but we don't even realize the potential threats ». Check Point is striving to borrow its entire offer, which no longer only concerns firewalls, through the new metaphor of smart devices, building around them a sort of virtual firewall that "wraps" the device like a shell. Precisely for this reason the technology is known as "Capsules", now included in the offer called Mobile Threat Prevention. «The idea is to extend to mobility the same levels of security that we are used to having on the corporate network.
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