2 marzo 17

Public call for Educational and Press tours in Puglia

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ARET Pugliapromozione has published the call for expression of interest aimed at carrying out Educational and Press tours for the promotion of Puglia tourism destinations.

The call includes requirements for eligible subjects in order to submit tour proposals compliant with Puglia tourism destinations objectives, coherent with provisions contained in the Regional Operative Program Puglia ERDF-ESF 2014/2020, "Cultural, natural and tourism attractors" - Axis VI Safeguard of the Environment and Promotion of Natural and Cultural Resources - Action 6.8 Measures for competitive repositioning of tourist destinations - Tourism Promotion Program for Intermediate Markets.
Detailed guidelines relevant to admissible expenses have also been published. The company Systemar Viaggi SRL, in its capacity of winning bidder of a tender, pursuant to article 36, subparagraph 2, letter b) of the Italian Code for Public Contracts, is in charge of organizing services and provide for related expenses on behalf of ARET Pugliapromozione.

In order to ease participation procedures, applicants must download and complete the application template attached below. The Coordination and Evaluation Team, a panel of ARET Pugliapromozione and Puglia Region Tourism Department officials, evaluates received applications every first working day of the month, taking into consideration applicants' purposes, objectives and the promotional tourism impact of suggested tours.

After the last expiration of calls for interest, there has been an extension of the relevant deadline: applications must be received no later than June 30, 2017.

Pugliapromozione with D.D.G 107/2017 announces the suspension of deadlines for the submission of proposals on May 3, 2017.